Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Results

Malvern had three days of hard racing at the Mercer Sprints, including schools and clubs from the East Coast.  Malvern rowers won the novice quad, junior double, 2nd Vvarsity double, and varsity quad race Friday and Saturday. The varsity quad win was over last Sunday flick winner Conestoga HS with club crews finishing back. Malvern rowers finished 2nd in the varsity double, varsity light quad, junior quad, and 2nd varsity quad events.  
Malvern rowers returned on Sunday to Philadelphia, racing in the rainy 5th flick. Malvern won the novice single, novice double, novice quad, and the varsity light double. Malvern finished second in the junior double, varsity double, junior quad, and the varsity quad in close finishes. The varsity quad finished 1.25 seconds behind winner Montclair HS, ahead of Roman Catholic and Conestoga.  Malvern is preparing  for the Philadelphia City Championships in two weeks.  For complete results click here 

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