Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SilverSkiff Results

Malvern rowing had a good regatta on Sunday in Turin, Italy. Over 800 single scullers from 10 different countries raced in all age groups. Malvern rowers racing were Pat Donohue, Dan Schwarz, Austin Bury, and Austin Moore.
Malvern rowing coach Sam Cunningham finished 20th overall and 5th in the Championship lightweight division, racing many Olympians. Sam was the second highest finish of Americans racing overall. Pat Donohue finished 46th overall and tenth in the Junior A category of 50+ racers, racing against medallists from the recent Junior World Championships. The regatta was spectacular, showing the value European countries puts on learning to row singles from the age of nine. Malvern was invited to attend next year by the host regatta.

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