Saturday, May 16, 2009

The 83rd Annual Stotesbury Cup Regatta Results

This past friday and saturday, Malvern was very competitive at the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, the largest highschool regatta in the world.

In the doubles: Sophmores Alec Somers and Austin Moore placed 6th in their their time trial for the JV double, 3rd in their semi-final and advanced to the finals were they placed 6th. Junior Andrew Paisley and novice Nic Kilmer placed 13th in their time trial of the Men's Varsity Double on friday so were unable to advance. Giving them varisty racing experience for next year, novices Pat Allen and Mike Mancenelli raced in the Mens's Lightweight Double. Pat and Mike were competitive and made it past the time trials and placed 6th in their semi-final. Senior Sean Lawler raced in the Men's Varsity Single. Sean qulaified for the semi - final were he placed 3rd, one place short of advancing to the final.

Malvern had a very sucessfull day in all of their quad events, winning all three. Saturday started off with a solid win from freshmen Mike Lewers, Jeremy Gonzalez, Chris Smart and Austin Velte. After placing 2nd in their time trials to Montclair, the Freshmen Quad won their final. They won the first ever Freshmen Quad event at Stotesbury and in doing so claimed the Jack and Nancy Seitz Trophy.
In the Boy's Junior Quad, Dave Matasic, Jack Buckley, Dan Schwarz, and Bill Doughty placed 1st in the time trial and the semi-final to advance them to the finals. In the finals with a slight headwind Dave, Jack, Dan and Bill rowed a solid race to come in 1st place, 3 seconds ahead of second place. The Junior Quad was awarded the George C. Hines Trophy for their 1st place finish.
Defending Stotesbury champions, Malvern's Varisty Senior Quad finished the day strong for Malvern Rowing. The Varisty quad was quoted by head coach Craig Hoffman as “a young boat that has had to work extremely hard.” and that is what they did. After placing 1st in their time trial, seniors Mike Donohue and Chris Higgins along with sophmores Austin Bury and Pat Donohue all rowed well in a hard fought race, beating schools such as Roman Catholic Highschool and The Haverford School. Malvern was awarded the Sonzogni Trophy for the Varisty Quad's 1st place finish for the 3rd consecutive year.

Malvern looks foward to competing next weekend in SRA's at Mercer Lake Nj. As quoted on row2k, Head Coach Craig Hoffman stated "The other teams are really terrific boats, and we're very fortunate to win today. We have no illusions that it isn't going to get tougher over the next few weeks at SRA's and Cincinnati."

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