Sunday, March 29, 2009

3rd Manny Flick/ Horvat Series Results

Malvern raced today at the 3rd Manny Flick. Results and times can be found here.
Malvern will race next Sunday at the 4th Manny Flick. The Schedule for the 4th Manny Flick can be found here.
Pictures from the 2009 Manny Flicks can now be found in the Malvernrowing's Photo Gallery

Sunday, March 22, 2009

2nd Manny Flick/ Horvat Series Results

Malvern Rowing had a good day at the 2nd Manny Flick. Malvern finished 1st in both Novice Quad finals, Novice single, Junior Single, Varsity Light Double, and Varsity Heavy Double. Malvern finished 2nd in the Freshman Double, JV Double, Varsity Single, and Varsity Quad. Malvern's Varsity Quad lost to Roman Catholic by 2 hundredths of a second.


Boy's Novice Single - 1st place - - 7:58.28
Boy's Novice 2x - 2nd place - Rob Smith/John Micheal Kay- 7:11.77
Boy's Novice 4x (A) - 5:41.60
Boys's Novice 4x (B) - 1st place - 5:41.72
Boy's JV 1x - 1st place - Alec Somers - 6:24.35
Boy's JV 2x - 2nd place - Moore/paisley - 5:48.13
Boy's Ltwt 2x - 1st Place -Buckley/Schwarz -5:27.89
Boy's Varsity 1x - 2nd place - Lawler -6:24.88
Boy's Varsity 2x - 1st PlaceMatasic/Doughty - 5:28.72
Boy's Varsity 4x - 2nd PlaceDonohue/Bury/P.Donohue/Higgins - 4:45.48

Anyone with pictures of the Manny flicks please send them to
For complete results click here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

1st Manny Flick/Horvat Series Results

Malvern Rowing had a good day at the first Manny Flick race
of the Spring. Malvern finished 3rd in the JV Double,
1st in the Junior Single, Varsity Single, Varsity Light
Double,and Varsity Heavy Double. Malvern finished second in
the Varsity Quad,losing to Roman Catholic by 2.1 seconds.

Boy's JV 1x - 1st Place

Boy's JV 2x - 3rd Place
Boy's Ltwt 2x - 1st Place  

Boy's Varsity 1x - 1st Place

Boy's Varsity 2x - 1st Place

Boy's Varsity 4x - 2nd Place


For complete results click here

Thursday, March 12, 2009

1st Manny Flick Schedule

Schedule for 1st Manny Flick/Horvat Series on Sunday March 15, 2008

Boy's JV 1x 11:28 AM
Paisley(lane 2)
Boy's JV 2x             11:40 AM
Moore/Somers(Lane 3)
Boy's Ltwt 2x           12:42 PM
Buckley/Schwarz(lane 4)
Boy's Varsity 1x          1:24 PM
Lawler(lane 2)
Boy's Varsity 2x          1:36 PM
Matasic/Doughty(lane 1)
Boy's Varsity 4x          2:06 PM
Donohue/Bury/P.Donohue/Higgins(lane 4)

For Complete schedule of all events click here
For official PSRA webisite visit PhillyFlicks