Monday, October 20, 2008

Head Of the Charles Results

This past Saturday and Sunday Malvern Rowing went up to Boston to race in the Head Of The Charles Regatta. In Sunday's Club Mens Single Chris Higgins placed 16th with a time of 20:00.876, Bill Doughty placed 36th with 20:57.868, Kevin Quinn placed 41st with 21:24.158, Sean Lawler placed 42nd with 21:24.219 and Pat Donohue rowed a time of 20:53.773 plus 1 minute in penalties which placed him 50th.

In the Youth Doubles Men event Dave Matasic and Mike Donohue placed 4th with a time of 18:15.160. Austin Bury and Alec Somers placed 22nd with a time of 20:05.528. Jack Buckley and Dan Schwarz rowed a time of 20:07.742 but placed 35th due to penalties.

Former Malvern Rowers competed in many university lineups this weekend in Boston.
Justin Teti 05 - Princeton Varsity LT 8
Aaron Martin 05- Dartmouth Varsity LT 8
Matt Mcmanus 07 Cornell Varsity LT 8
Mike Rawlings 08 Columbia Varsity HYT 8
Brandon Hanna 08 St. Joe Varsity LT 8
Sean Stewart 08 Malta BC Club single
Mark Borgerson 07 Northeastern 2nd 8

Justin Teti won in the Champ LT 8 and Mark Borgerson finished 2nd in the College 8.

Click Here for complete results.

Malvern looks forward to racing at the the Head of The Schuylkill next Saturday. Malvern will race 10 HS singles and 2 HS doubles on Saturday. Malvern will conclude the Fall racing season November 15th at Lake Carnegie in Princeton,NJ. 9 Malvern rowers will compete in the USRowing Junior single speed order.

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