Sunday, April 13, 2008

4th Manny Flick Results

Today, Sunday April 13th, Malvern Rowing competed in the 4th Manny Flick. Despite the rough water, winds and stong currents, Malvern had a very successful day. The day started off with a 3rd place finish in the Boys Novice Double event. The event was rowed by Jake McDonald and Huxley Monaco who rowed a time of 6:41.85. Following the Novice Double was the Boys JV Single. Placing 2nd was Andrew Paisley with a time of 6:19.49 who was followed by Greg Hilditch who finished 3rd with a time of 6:20.87. Malvern placed 1st with a time of 5:33.75 in the Boys JV Double which was rowed by Sean Lawler and Chris Higgins. Also placing 1st was the Boys Varsity Lightweight double. This event was won by Dave Matasic and Bill Doughty who rowed a time of 5:26.92. Malvern again placed 1st in the Boys Varsity Single event which was rowed by Randy Scott. Randy won by 13.60 seconds with a time of 5:55.22. In an extremely close race with Roman Catholic, Matt Bennedetto and Sean Stewart placed first with a time of 5:24.95, beating Roman by .56 seconds. Also in a close race with Roman was the Boys Varsity Quad. The quad consisting of Mike Donohue, Mike Bohs, Mike Rawlings and Brandon Hanna placed first with a time of 4:50.37. Malvern finished the day strong by placing 1st and 5th in the Boys Novice Quad Head Race. The A quad consisting of Pat Donohue, Alec Somers, Austin Bury and Kevin Quinn placed first with a time of 4:55.35. Placing 5th with a time of 5:40.00 was the B quad rowed by Dan Schwarz, Jack Buckley, Austin Moore, and Cameron Fuller. Congratulations to all, and Malvern looks forward to competing in the ISA regatta at Mercer NJ on April 19th and the 5th Manny Flick on April 20th.

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