Monday, March 31, 2008

Horvat Trophy results for 1st & 2nd Flicks

Manny Flick 2008 Sunday, March 30, 2008
Revised 03/31 16:10:30
Boy's Sculling Team Totals
as of Monday, March 31st

TEAM Total
Malvern 189.00
Roman 173.00
Conestoga 52.00
Haverford 44.00
Chestnut Hill 43.00
Montclair 24.00
Northeast Catholic 20.00
Don Bosco Prep 18.00 Germantown 14.00
La Salle 6.00
Friends Select 6.00
Devon Prep 2.00

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Malvern Competes in 2nd Manny Flick

Today, March 30th, Malvern Rowing competed in the 2nd Manny Flick on the Schuykill. The team as a whole was very sucessful placing 1st in all of the races they competed in along with a 2nd and a 3rd place. The day started out with the 2 JV doubles consisting of Greg Hilditch and Andrew Paisley(B) and Sean Lawler and Chris Higgins (A). Sean Lawler and Chris Higgins placed 1st with a time of 5:19.15 followed by Conestoga and then Andrew Paisley and Greg Hilditch with a time of 5:33.99, placing them 3rd. Finishing 2nd with a time of 5:29.08, in their first race of the year was the boy's novice quad consisting of Dan Schwarz, Jack Buckley, Austin Moore, and Cameron Fuller. Following the Boy's Nivice quad race was the Boy's Freshman quad consisting of Pat Donohue, Alec Somers, Austin Bury and Kevin Quinn. They placed 1st in their race with a time of 5:12.13. Bill Doughty and Dave Matasic placed 1st in the Boys Lwt. Double event with a time of 5:12.1. Following the lwt. double was the Boy's Varsity single event that was won by Randy Scott with a time of 5:41.87, beating 2nd place by 22.10 seconds. Race #55, Boy's Varsity Double was won by Matt Benedetto and Sean Stewart with a time of 4:58.54. Finishing the day strong was the Boy's varsity quad placing 1st coming behind from 3rd place to finish with a time of 4:32.11. Malvern will be competing in the 3rd Manny Flick on Sunday April 6th.

For complete results of the whole day go to:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Schedule for 2nd Manny Flick

The following schedule is the schedule for all the events Malvern will be competing in at the 2nd Manny Flick on March 30th.

#17          Boy's JV Double          11:36 AM
Event 23 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
2 Drew Bailey Conestoga
3 Greg Hilditch Malvern B
4 Avery Sheridan Roman
5 Sean Lawler Malvern A

#19         Boy's Novice Quad         11:48 AM
Event 17 Final B
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
2 Jeff Miller Roman B
3 Dan Schwarz Malvern
4 Fran Mc Colgan Roman A

#21        Boy's Freshmen Quad        12:00 PM
Event 18 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
2 Alec Somers Malvern
3 John O'Donnell Roman
4 Max Frey Conestoga

#43         Boy's Ltwt Double          1:55 PM
Event 25 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
1 Felix Penzarella Friends Select
2 Matthew Needles Conestoga
3 Dave Matasic Malvern
4 Shaun Rabbitt Roman
5 William Kanegis Montclair
6 Julian Fernandez Don Bosco Prep
#53        Boy's Varsity Single        2:45 PM
Event 16 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
2 Pete Nguyen Roman B
3 Randy Scott Malvern
4 Dave Tietjen Roman A

#55        Boy's Varsity Double        2:55 PM
Event 24 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
1 Kyle Dowd Montclair
2 Matt Benedetto Malvern
3 Dan Loftus Roman A
4 Andrew Kleiner Germantown
5 Sean Reilly Don Bosco Prep

#65         Boy's Varsity Quad         3:45 PM
Event 20 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team         
1 Matthew Scheuritzel Haverford
2 Christopher Klarich Roman
3 Mike Donohue Malvern
4 Derek Porter Conestoga
5 Pete Miller Chestnut Hill

The comlete schedule for all of the races can be found at

Monday, March 24, 2008

Malvern kicks off Spring season at 1st Manny Flick

On Sunday March 16th Malvern Prep Crew kicked off the Spring Season at the First Manny Flick on the Schuylkill. The team was successful in all 4 of their races, coming in first place 4 times along with a second and a third place finish. The two Varsity quads stroked by Matt Bennedetto (A) and Mike Donahue (B) placed 1st and 2nd with times of 4:24.65 and 4:25.80. The JV double event was won by Sean Lawler and Jake Pellicano with a time of 5:22.11. They were followed by Roman Catholic and another Malvern double composed of Andrew Paisley and Greg Hilditch, who finished with a time of 5:28.93 for 3rd place. The Varsity Lwt. Double was won by David Matasic and Bill Doughty with a time of 5:14.89. The novices also were sucessful in their first race on the Schuylkill beating Roman Catholic with a time of 5:29.94. The team is looking forward to having a winning season and will compete in the 2nd Manny Flick on Sunday March 30th.

the complete results for the 1st Manny Flick race can be found at