Friday, June 29, 2007

Second Malvern Quad Qualifies for Henley

Second Malvern Quad Qualifies for Henley

By: Bobby Valenti

The second Malvern Quad, composed of Matt Benedetto, Sean Stewart, Mark Borgerson, and Mike Bohs, qualified today by being one of the top nine boats out of the 38 boats who raced in the qualifier for the Fawley Challenge Cup Event. The composite quad composed of Brandon Hanna and Randy Scott from Malvern and two rowers from Green Lake High School in Seattle did not qualify. Because of their many exceptional rowing accomplishments this year, the first Malvern Quad, composed of Carter Lindborg, Matt McManus, Mike Rawlings and Robin Prendes from Miami Rowing Club, did not need to compete in the qualifier; they will be seeded next week into a first round race. Both Malvern Quads will now be competing in the first round of racing for the highly competitive Fawley Challenge Cup Event at Henley next Thursday and Friday. “The boys rowed great today; I’m very proud of them,” said head coach Craig Hoffman. “Now they’re getting ready for the Reading Town Regatta and The Royal Henley Regatta next week”.

The Reading Town Regatta is tomorrow (Saturday, June 30th), and is an 800 meter race. In their preliminary races, the first quad will be competing against Newport Aquatic Center from the USA, the second quad will be competing against Sydney Rowing Club from Australia and Carlow Rowing Club from Ireland, and the composite quad will be competing against another boat from Carlow Rowing Club and a boat from Windsor Boys Club from England. We wish them good luck and fair weather with their races tomorrow; it appears that there has been some pretty nasty weather in Reading for the past few days, and conditions will probably be rough again tomorrow.

Results from today’s qualifier can be found here:

The Schedule of Events for the Reading Town Regatta can be found here:

Further information about the Royal Henley Regatta can be found here:

Further information about the Reading Town Regatta can be found here:

Results from tomorrow’s racing will be reported on promptly. As always, this article and many more can be found at the Malvern Rowing Blog:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NEW Malvern Rowing Photo Gallery

A major renovation of the Malvern Rowing Website is underway, and the first goal that was accomplished is the Malvern Rowing Photo Gallery. However, your help is needed. If you have any pictures from the season, please send them to . Thanks for your help.

Monday, June 11, 2007

USRowing Youth National Championships

An article including the results can be found here. Below are the results from the Malvern Events.

Malvern had a good weekend in Cincinnati at the USRowing Youth National Championships. Malvern's Lightweight Double of Matt Benedetto and Mike Bohs won gold. Malvern's Quad of Carter Lindborg, AJ DiValerio, Matt McManus, and Mike Rawlings finished 2nd in a hard fought race against Maritime Rowing Club. Malvern's Heavyweight Double of Mark Borgerson and Seam Stewart finished 5th in another competitive race. Jonny Muntz finished 12th in the Men's Single Event, rowing well. The competition is tough and the Malvern boys rowed with great heart and skill. The team is off to England on June 23rd to compete at the Henley Royal Regatta.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

2007 SRAA Nationals Results

The complete listing of results can be found here. Below are the results from the Malvern Races.

In the Men's Junior Double Event, Brandon Hanna and Mike Donahue came in second place with a time of 5:11.39, 3.4 seconds behind Conestoga.

In the Men's Junior Quad Event, Matt Benedetto, Mike Bohs, Pat Quinn, and Randy Scott came in first place after an amazing sprint in the last 250 meters where they passed the Haverford School Quad. Their final time was 4:40.008.

In the Men's Senior Double Event, Mark Borgerson and Sean Stewart came in third place with a time of 5:16.37, behind Haverford School and Maclay.

In the middle of the Senior Single Event, Jonny Muntz flipped his single while he was leading the pack.

In the Men's Senior Quad Event, Carter Lindborg, Matt McManus, AJ DiValerio, and Mike Rawlings won their race with a time of 04:38.003, beating Roman Catholic by almost 8 seconds.

Pictures from the 2007 Stotesbury Cup Regatta

Pictures from the 2007 Stotesbury Cup Regatta

2007 Stotesbury Cup Regatta

The official results, along with finish line
pictures and various other pictures can
be found here.

Below are the results from the finals of the
Malvern Events.

Race #80, Boy's Senior Single
Event 24 Semi 2
Place Lane Name Team Time
1 4 Robin Prendes Miami Coral Park 5:23.68
2 3 Austin Meyer Shaker HS 5:27.60
3 2 Nicholas Shudlo St Francis 5:31.42
4 5 Frank Petrucci Warwick 5:32.34
5 1 Nicholas Shudlo Don Bosco 5:43.56
6 6 Jonny Muntz Malvern 5:51.72

Race #100, Boy's Junior Double
Event 5 Final
Place Lane Name Team Time
1 3 Tom Nesel Christian Brothers 5:01.59
2 2 Derek Porter Conestoga 5:09.82
3 4 Pat Quinn Malvern 5:12.91
Randy Scott
4 5 Cory Macchesney E.L.Crossley 5:21.11
5 6 Ej Caughlin Haverford 5:21.71
6 1 Mike Foster Roman Catholic 5:22.94

Race #104, Boys's Lightweight Double
Event 9 Final
Place Lane Name Team Time
1 3 Matt Benedetto Malvern 5:05.30
Mike Bohs
2 4 Tommy Mcelwee Conestoga 5:10.54
3 5 Pete Miller Chestnut Hill 5:13.01
4 2 Logan Ellis North Allegheny 5:17.12
5 6 Christopher Klarich Roman Catholic 5:18.83
6 1 Gabriel Fort Ransom Everglades 5:19.05

Race #107, Boy's Junior Quad
Event 12 Final
Place Lane Name Team Time
1 4 John Pagano Roman Catholic 4:52.004
2 3 Bryan Barker Haverford 4:52.010
3 5 Brian Marcus North Allegheny 5:01.997
4 2 Kyle Pepin Conestoga 5:05.559
5 6 Julian Fernandez Don Bosco 5:10.026
6 1 Brandon Hanna Malvern 5:11.156
Jake Han
Mike Donohue
Chris Higgins

Race #114, Boy's Senior Double
Event 19 Final
Place Lane Name Team Time
1 3 Joshua Gracin E.L.Crossley 4:59.85
2 4 Sean Stewart Malvern 5:01.93
Mark Borgerson
3 2 Ben Grant Haverford 5:04.93
4 5 Terry Lovegrove Simcoe 5:09.13
5 1 Bill Lyons Shenendehowa 5:13.77
6 6 Ben Ortiz Conestoga 5:14.83

Race #118, Boy's Senior Quad
Event 23 Final
Place Lane Name Team Time
1 3 Carter Lindborg Malvern 4:35.52
Mike Rawlings
Aj Divalerio
Matt Mcmanus
2 4 Daniel Bratton Roman Catholic 4:40.29
3 5 Mark Nolfi North Allegheny 4:45.41
4 1 Brian Howe Woodbridge 4:47.49
5 2 Connor Smith Denis Morris 4:53.72
6 6 David Drewett Hylton