Friday, March 16, 2007

3/16 Practice, First Flick

Practice for Friday, March 14th has been canceled due to the inclement weather and the school's early closing. Practice will be at the Malvern Rowing Tanks tomorrow at 9:00am.

Any further changes the this weekend's events will be posted on the blog.

As of 1:00pm on Friday, March 14th, the first flick will continue as scheduled. The schedule for the races can be found here.

Here is the list of races that Malvern Boats are entered:

#4          Boy's JV Single           11:18 AM
Event 15 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
3 Julian Navarro Roman
4 Brandon Hanna Malvern

#15         Boy's Ltwt Double         12:24 PM
Event 25 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
2 Bob Valenti Malvern
3 Derek Porter Conestoga
4 Christopher Klarish Roman

#20       Boy's Varsity Single        12:54 PM
Event 16 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
1 Jonny Muntz Malvern A
2 Andrew Bor Eastern
3 Chris Cosgrove Malvern C
4 Daleszandro Jasper Roman
5 Brian Nasca Malvern B

#21        Boy's Varsity Double        1:00 PM
Event 24 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
2 Kevin Hughes Roman
3 Casey Zielinski Radnor
4 Pat Quinn Malvern
5 Dave Tietjen Roman B

#25         Boy's Varsity Quad         1:24 PM
Event 20 Final
 Bow#          Name                    Team            
1 Aj Divalerio Malvern B
2 Joe Apathy Conestoga
3 Carter Lindborg Malvern A
4 Will Rhoda Chestnut Hill B
5 Daniel Bratton Roman A
6 Nicholas Turner Chestnut Hill A

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