Saturday, December 23, 2006

Fall 2006 update

The following is from an article written by Matt Benedetto, an editor of the Blackfriar Chronicle and rower from the junior class.

Head of the Harlem: Starting in the shadows of Yankee Stadium, the Malvern Prep Rowing Team began the 2006-07 racing schedule on the Harlem River in New York City. Malvern Prep had a strong performance at the Head of the Harlem. In the high school single sculls event, Malvern rowers finished in first through eighth place. A.J. DiValerio finished first followed by Matt McManus in second and Mark Borgerson in third. Sean Stewart, Mike Bohs, Carter Linborg, Brandon Hanna, and Pat Quinn rounded out the top eight respectively and completed a commanding performance in the singles. The double sculls event was a highly competitive race. The double consisting of John Muntz and Brian Nasca finished fourth, Randy Scott and Chris Cosgrove finished fifth, and Bob Valenti and John Selin finished sixth. In the final event for Malvern rowers, Matt Benedetto finished first in the high school gig event. Malvern Prep left the Harlem River with confidence and satisfaction with their performance.

Navy Day Regatta: The Malvern rowing team returned to Philadelphia to race on the Schuylkill against some familiar and more competitive competition. Malvern continued their success in the high school single finishing with eight rowers in the top ten positions. Matt McManus finished first with a great performance followed by Mark Borgerson in second, Carter Linborg in third and A.J. DiValerio in fourth. Sean Stewart finished sixth, Mike Bohs finished seventh, Brandon Hanna finished eighth, and Matt Benedetto finished tenth. The double sculls were able to achieve some revenge from the Head of the Harlem with improved performances and better results. John Selin and Bob Valenti finished in a close second, Chris Cosgrove and Randy Scott finished in fourth, and Brian Nasca and John Muntz finished in sixth. The double sculls event was closely contested again with the first six finishes with twenty seconds.

Schuylkill Banks Regatta: In the Schuylkill Banks Regatta, Malvern Prep raced a Quadruple Scull consisting of John Selin, Chris Cosgrove, Brandon Hanna, and Matt Benedetto. Malvern’s Quad raced against Roman Catholic High School and The Haverford School. Brian Nasca and Randy Scott raced singles. Malvern finished first with Randy Scott’s single and Brian Nasca’s single while the Quad finished third.

Head of the Charles: Several rowers from Malvern Prep made the journey to Boston, Massachusetts to race on the Charles River. Malvern had another strong performance against difficult competition. The double of Matt McManus and A.J. DiValerio finished third (first among high schools). The double of Mark Borgerson and Carter Linborg finished fourth (second among high schools) and the double of Mike Bohs and Sean Stewart finished seventh (fifth among high schools). In the single event, Bob Valenti raced against tough competition and finished thirty-seventh in a race including forty-five rowers.

Head of the Schuylkill: Sadly, the Head of the Schuylkill was cancelled this year due to “inclement” weather.

Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta: Matt McManus and AJ DiValerio came in second in the Men’s Open Double behind Lehigh University.

Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta: Two doubles competed in the Men’s High School Double event. Mark Borgerson and Carter Lindborg came in first place and AJ DiValerio and Matt McManus came in second place.