Thursday, April 06, 2006

Results for Third Flick

Here are the results for the Third Flick Race:

In the JV Double Event, Brandon Hanna and Matt Bennedetto came in third place with a time of 5:36.6 and Bob Valenti and Pete Glowa tied for forth place with Roman with a time of 5:50.42.

In the Novice Quad Event, Sean Stewart, Pat Quinn, Jon Muntz and Mike Bohs won their race with a time of 5:04.79, 21 seconds ahead of second place.

In the JV Quad Event, Mike Rawlings, Brian Nasca, Mark Borgerson, and Randy Scott came in second place by 1.89 seconds, with a time of 5:00.8, just behond Conestoga.

In the Lightweight Double Event, Matt McManus and Ryan Dougherty won the race with a time of 5:19.14, and John Selin and Chris Cosgrove came in fourth place 14 seconds behind them, with a time of 5:34.06.

In the Varsity Double Event, Ryan Watson and Carl Jablonski won their race with a time of 5:11.86, beating Conestoga by 1.45.

In the Varsity Quad Event, Matt Hurley, Carter Lindborg, AJ DiValerio, and Ryan Coyne came in second place behind Roman with a time of 4:40.93.

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