Thursday, March 16, 2006

Schedule for the First Flick Race

The Whole schedule is listed here. The whole list of entries can be found on Here are the Malvern Races:

       Boy's JV Double           11:14 AM
Event 20 Final B
 Lane          Name                    Team            
2 James Braun Don Bosco
3 Brandon Hanna Malvern
4 Jon Dally Roman Catholic
5 Mark Borgerson Malvern

         Boy's JV Double           11:21 AM
Event 20 Final
 Lane          Name                    Team            
2 Chris Pittman Chestnut Hill Academy
3 Bob Valenti Malvern
4 Daniel Walsh Roman Catholic
5 Tommy Mcelwee Conestoga

Boy's Varsity Double        1:06 PM
Event 21 Final
 Lane          Name                    Team            
1 Phil Crannell Don Bosco
2 Mike Rawlings Malvern
3 Brian Mcmanus Roman Catholic
4 Wesley Dunkel Conestoga
5 John Selin Malvern

#22         Boy's Varsity Quad         1:27 PM
Event 18 Final B
 Lane          Name                    Team            
2 Matt Freyhof Conestoga
3 Matt Hurley Malvern
4 Michael Whitman Roman Catholic
5 Tom Samph Chestnut Hill Academy

#23         Boy's Varsity Quad         1:34 PM
Event 18 Final
 Lane          Name                    Team            
2 Samuel Lichmira Chestnut Hill Academy B
3 Aj Divalerio Malvern
4 John Cerrone Roman Catholic

Parking on the Drive shouldn't be a problem for the first flick due to so few
teams entered to race

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