Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First fall Practice

Fall Crew is finally starting...

Weight lifting occurs every Monday-Wednesday-Friday and it is strongly recommended that you attend. Most people generally get there at around 7 AM, but the weight room is usually open before then, and remains open until about 7:45 AM.

After school practice starts Thursday, Sept. 8th. Everyone is meeting at the senior parking lot near the crew tanks at 3:30, and we will then go for a +/- 5 mile run (two laps around the cross country trail).

The first day down at the river is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 9th.

On Saturday Sept. 10th, practice starts down at the Conshi boathouse at 9:00 AM. Right after practice, all the boats will be rigged for each specific rower. A thorough cleanup of the boathouse will take place after practice. The cleanup is expected to take about 2 hours, but don't count on leaving until the job is done.

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