Sunday, April 23, 2017

5th Manny Flick Results

Malvern rowing had a good day at the 5th Manny Flick. The team won the Horvat Sculling Flick Series Point Trophy, last won in 2013. The Varsity Heavyweight Quad and Varsity Lightweight Double won, with the Heavyweight Varsity Double finishing 2nd by 7/100 of a second. The Junior Double and Freshman Double finished 2nd in close races as well. The Freshman Quad finished 3rd. The team now begins the championship part of the season.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

4th Manny Flick

Malvern Rowing had a good day, winning the Freshman Quad, Junior Double, Varsity Lightweight Double, Varsity Heavyweight Double, and Varsity Heavyweight Quad events. The team begins Spring break  practices Monday morning.

For complete race results from the weekend click here

Malvern and Cal Rowing Alumnus Julian Venonsky '12 with friends
and family at the 4th flick

Monday, April 03, 2017

Malvern Rowing coaches Sam and Nicole Cunningham with baby Cal and sister Clarice

3rd Manny Flick Results

Malvern Rowing had a good day, winning the Varsity Lightweight Double, Varsity Heavyweight Double, and Varsity Heavyweight Quad. All Freshman races were cancelled because of fast streamflow.

2nd Manny Flick Results

Malvern Rowing had a great opening day for the Spring 2017 season. Malvern won the Varsity Lightweight Double, both flights of the Varsity Heavyweight Double, and Varsity Heavyweight Quad. events. The Freshman Quad and Double finished 2nd.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Malvern Rowing: A World of Opportunity for Your Son

Hello Malvern Prep Parents,

As you know, our Malvern Prep community is a community where, in addition to great academics, your son has a wide range of extracurricular and athletic options to explore. Malvern Prep’s rowing team is one of your son’s athletic options.

The rowing program has enjoyed much success over the years. From winning on the local, regional and national level to successfully competing in the famous Henley Royal Regatta in England, our rowing team enjoys the rewards of hard work and teamwork. Rowing is a rewarding sport where you don’t need rowing experience to join the team. All team members have the opportunity to make significant contributions. There are no tryouts or cuts for Malvern’s rowing team, and all students are welcome to learn this incredible sport. Malvern’s rowing team welcomes any Malvern student to try rowing through mid-February. The team is currently practicing indoors at the Melton Rowing Center on campus, next to the Strength & Conditioning Center. Your son is encouraged to come by after school and give rowing a try. More information on Malvern’s rowing program is available on our Malvern Rowing blog.

Being a part of the Malvern brotherhood is a lifelong benefit. We also hope your son benefits from being a member of our rowing team. If you have any questions about Malvern’s rowing team, please reach out to Coach Craig Hoffman at (610) 812-6957 or  or to any of the rowing parents listed below.
We hope to hear from you and hope to see your son at the tanks soon!

Pat Keenan (Pat ’18), 610-513-2591
Mike Brady (Drew ’18, team captain), 610-716-4313
Rebecca Ward (Sean ’18, team captain), 610-585-1445

Friday, December 02, 2016

A Message from Junior Captain: Drew Brady

"My name is Drew Brady and I am a junior captain of the Malvern rowing team. I wanted to reach out to you guys to let know of an opportunity to participate in an incredibly rewarding sport this winter/spring. Many of you might think you need previous experience to excel in a sport like rowing but that is far from the truth. I personally had never rowed before freshman year and have had great success even earning a varsity letter my freshman year after only one year of rowing . No matter what grade you are in you can make an immediate and significant positive impact on this team. We have just started our winter training on campus in the tanks everyday after school 3-5:30 and Saturday afternoons. There are no tryouts or cuts, all of you are welcome to come by the tanks and practice with the team to see if it's something you would like to stick with . If any of you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to send me an email or come by and ask me at the tanks after school. I hope you all really consider joining this incredibly successful team and getting a chance to win a national championship with us this spring."

As you can read the Crew team can provide an opportunity that most teams cannot.  It provides an opportunity for everyone.  It also can provide travel (team just returned from Italy and heads to England this summer) and National recognition - the team has everything to offer.  I would strongly encourage a student to take a chance and try the team. Attached below are some past achievements:

Saturday, November 26, 2016

SilverSkiff 2016 Turin, Italy

10 Malvern Rowers made the trip to Turin, Italy November 9-14, racing singles over a 11500 meter race course at the Silver Skiff Regatta. Athletic Director Kurt Ruch accompanied the racing team with three Malvern rowing coaches. The Rowers attended Mass Saturday night in one of the oldest churches in Turin. Malvern Rowers competed in a field of 700 Rowers, including Olympians. Croatian Olympic Gold Medalist
Martin Sinkovic won the event, he competed

the week before with Malvern Rowers at the Conshohocken Rowing Center ergathon on the Malvern Rowing team.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Download the App! Malvern Prep Rowing available for iPhone, iPad, & Android - Watch Video [HD]

HOCR and HOSR Results

Malvern Rowers had good results in Boston and Philadelphia. Malvern rowers finished 5th and 7th in the DC Quad event last weekend in Boston out of 37entries. Malvern rowers raced this past weekend in Philadelphia, finishing in raw time, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th, and 14th our of 52 entries. Malvern rowers raced a second time in the Varsity and Junior Quad events. Malvern's Varsity Quads finished 2nd and 5th out of 35 quads racing. Malvern's Junior Quad finished 1st in their event.

The team leaves November 9th for Turin, Italy, racing in the Silver Skiff Regatta. The regatta distance is 11,000 meters, all racing in singles.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Malvern Rowers Join with Olympians to Help Middle Schoolers in Gold Cup Challenge

100 Philadelphia area middle and high school students converged on the Conshohocken Rowing Center to compete in an indoor rowing race with eight international Olympic and world rowing champions, including America's own silver medalist in the single sculls, Dr. Gevvie Stone. Malvern rowers had the privilege of competing in an ergathon with the Olympians and then coaching students from St. James School in the Cold Cup Challenge. READ MORE

Monday, October 17, 2016

Navy Day Regatta Results 2016

Malvern rowing had a fair day, rowing up in the Open Men's Quad and doubled up in the High School Single event. Malvern's quad finished 2nd and 5th in the open quad, losing by 2.4 seconds to Undine BC over 4500 meters. Two malvern rowers finished in the top 10 in the HS single event out of 36 racing.

The Malvern Rowing app is available for download on your phone at the Apple App or Android store, just search for Malvern Rowing!

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Friar Rower Wins Gold at Canadian Henley Regatta

Rowing for the Conshohocken Rowing Center, Malvern Prep's Pat Keenan '18 teamed with the Haverford School's Tim Scheuritzel to win gold in the U17 Double at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta on August 7.

Rowing for the Conshohocken Rowing Center, Malvern Prep's Pat Keenan '18 teamed with the Haverford School's Tim Scheuritzel to win gold in the U17 Double at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta on August 7. Keenan also made the finals of the Senior Single event in what is one of the most prestigious summer regattas in the world. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Interview with Alumni Austin Velte '12

Austin Velte couldn’t have asked for a better final race.

Earlier this May, the senior captain with the Yale University rowing team led his eights crew to a sweep of the Ivy League Championships. It marked Yale’s first league title since 2002 — long before the part-time Summit County local and native of Philadelphia joined the Yale eights — and earned the team an invite to the United Kingdom this coming week for the Henley Royal Regatta, where they’ll go boat-to-boat against a few of the biggest, baddest, most prestigious clubs in the university rowing scene on the fabled Thames River.
“It’s a super-unique regatta, with head-to-head, single-elimination style racing,” said Velte, who currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut and travels to Summit every summer to live with his mother. “It’s very formal, very English, but a lot of fun.”
But, until then, Velte will revel in on hell of a senior season. He graduated with an economics degree and wins against every Ivy League powerhouse — Cornell, Columbia, Princeton — to make four long years of two-a-day workouts and late-night study sessions more than worth it.
Shortly before leaving for the UK on June 19, the Summit Daily sports desk caught up with Velte to hear more about the Ivy League title, his summer training waters on Lake Dillon and why the Olympics aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Summit Daily News: You just finished the Ivy League rowing season with a huge win. How did things pan out for your team this spring?
Austin Velte: It was a very, very good year for us. We had a very strong team from top to bottom. I think we surpassed a lot expectations from the beginning of the season, surpassing goals we set for ourselves. The varsity boat and second varsity boat won the Ivy League Championships and the overall team won the Jope Cup, which is basically (awarded for) placing third, second and first eights at the Ivy League Championships.
SDN: Is this the first time you’ve won the league title in your career?
AV: We won the Jope Cup my freshman year, but the last time the varsity won the Ivy League was 2002. It’s been a while. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better way to end my career rowing for Yale. As freshman we won the Ivy League Cup with our freshman boat, so it kind of bookends our career as a team of eight. It was just a great way to end.
SDN: You also graduated this season after four years on the same team. Is your role in the boat the same as when you started as a freshman?
AV: Freshman year is a big change of pace from high school rowing: the practices are more intense, the physical work volume is higher, the skill level of the technical orwing is higher, so a lot of that first year is catching up to the sport at the collegiate level. The sophomore and junior year you get familiar with the demands of the team and find your role there. At the end of my junior year I was elected captain and that really became a big role for me on the team. As captain, you work closely with the coaching staff for scheduling, the training program, mediating any issues with other athletes or even coaches — a lot of behind-the-scenes details that I hadn’t dealt with before.
SDN: Did you enjoy that side of things, the behind-the-scenes work?
AV: I really did. I think I got a lot out of it. I talked about this a lot with my coach, and one thing that happened for me this year was wearing a lot of different hats. I was looking out for the performance of the overall team, then I was wearing the varsity hat — keeping an eye on that boat — and then my own personal performance. There was a lot going on, but I think I really got a lot out of being captain. It’s an elected position and it was really a great feeling to be elected. I have very close bonds with everyone on the team, from freshman to my class, and knowing that they trusted me gave me what I needed to push myself and do my best.
SDN: Talk about your ties to collegiate rowing: When and why did you decide this is something you wanted to pursue?
AV: I started rowing my freshman year of high school and it really wasn’t until halfway through my junior year that I considered seriously rowing for college. My high school program was very competitive and every year sends athletes to top college programs, so there was a track in place for me to do that. It wasn’t until my junior year that I got serious about my training and saw where it could take me.
SDN: It can’t be easy to balance academics with athletics at Yale. Did you ever fall into a groove?
AV: I wouldn’t be able to sacrifice as much as I have and put as much effort into it if I didn’t enjoy the sport itself. It’s a very challenging sport, but it’s also a very rewarding sport. The things I’ve learned from rowing over the past eight years will go beyond the sport itself. I see rowing staying in my life — maybe recreational rowing or coaching on the side — in some shape or form. I’ll definitely stay involved.
SDN: How did living in Summit and rowing on Lake Dillon prepare you for the next level?
AV: The summer after my freshman year at Yale I lived in Summit County with a friend and we rowed on Lake Dillon almost every morning. It’s a different feel on that lake. All the rowing we do here, out east, is on narrow rivers. They have different water than a lake. There (at Dillon) isn’t a Point A to Point B thing — it’s just wherever you feel like going. The weather can also be challenging. You have to get out there early before the wind and thunderstorms pick up.
SDN: It’s an Olympic season. Is that on your mind at all: the possibility of making the U.S. Olympic team?
AV: It was something I considered for a while. I think that ever since I was serious about rowing — back in late high school and beginning of college — I saw the national team as something I wanted to do. Last summer I competed at the under-23 National Championships and that was incredible. I really enjoyed that.
As far as Olympics, I would very much enjoy pursuing that, but I think at this point I’m graduating in an awkward period. The Olympic boats for 2016 have already been decided, and the way the system works is you have to commit to several years in the training cycle to make an Olympic boat. If I were to try pursuing that I’d need to commit four years to the 2020 Olympics, and, right now, that just doesn’t seem like something I want to put a ton of time into. After eight years I’ve committed a lot to this sport and invested a lot of time into it.
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Summit Daily

Monday, June 13, 2016

USRowing Youth Nationals 2016 Results

Malvern had a good regatta this past weekend. Races were cancelled on Sunday, with semis and finals on Saturday. Malvern Varsity Quad won their heat, finished 2nd in the semi, finishing 5th in the A final, Malvern's best finish since 2013 when the quad finished 3rd. Malvern's Varsity Light Double finished 2nd in the heat, 4th in the semi by 1 second, 3rd in the B final. The Varsity Heavy Double did not progress out of heats as repechages were cancelled to unsafe racing conditions.

For complete race results click here

For pictures from the day click here

Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 Season Recap and Youth Nationals Preview

For a recap of the team's championship spring season and a preview of the Youth Nationals Rowing Championships click here

Sunday, June 05, 2016

UPenn's Wharton School Turns to Malvern Prep for Exercise in Collaboration

Who did the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business call when they wanted to teach their MBA students the importance of collaboration? Malvern Prep! More specifically, Malvern's championship Rowing team!

For more information about this opportunity click here

Alumni Results at the Intercollegiate Rowing Championships

Malvern alumni had a great day at the 2016 IRAs. Julian Venonsky 12 and his Cal Varsity Heavyweight Varsity 8 upset Yale in the finals today, winning Gold. Jimmy McManus 14 and his Cornell Varsity Lightweight 4 won Gold as well. Austin Velte 12 and his Yale Varsity Lightweight 8 won silver behind Columbia. Jim Sincavage 14 won bronze with his Princeton Varsity Lightweight 8.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

SRAA Championships 2016

Malvern Prep raced at the Scholastic National Rowing Championships this weekend. Malvern rowers finished 3rd in the Varsity Heavyweight Quad and Varsity Heavyweight Double, 4th in the Varsity Lightweight Quad and Junior Double, 5th in the Freshman Quad event.

For complete race results click here

Malvern's Varsity Heavyweight Quad, Varsity Heavyweight and Lightweight Doubles, race in two weeks at the USRowing Youth National Rowing Championships for Schools and Clubs at Mercer, NJ.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stotesbury Results 2016

Malvern Rowers competed in four finals this afternoon after qualifying through semi-finals this morning. Malvern finished 2nd in the Varsity Heavyweight Quad final, 3rd in the Varsity Lightweight Double final, 3rd in the Junior Quad final, and 6th in the Varsity Heavyweight Double final. The racing was close and competitive in a deep field of schools.

For complete race results click here

Malvern travels to Ohio on Wednesday for Scholastic Nationals. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Malvern Rowing Alumni Update

Former Malvern rowers had a huge weekend. Julian Venonsky 12 was in the winning varsity 8 for Cal Berkeley beating defending National Champion Washington at the PAC 12's, Austin Velte 12 Yale won the Varsity Lightweight 8 at Eastern Sprints, JP Clark 14 won Dad Vail yesterday for Drexel . Jim Sincavage 14 and Jimmy McManus 14 won medals today for Princeton and Cornell. Chris Mudrick 13 Holy Cross, Mike Lewers 12 Georgetown, Jackson Connor 14 Penn, Chris Frey 14 Dartmouth all competed at Eastern Sprints. Alex Stoczko 13 Trinity competed in the ECAC/NIRC last weekend. Austin, Mike, and Julian all graduated within the last few days.

Monday, May 09, 2016

Mid-Atlantic Regional Youth Championships

Malvern rowers in the Varsity Lightweight Double and Varsity Quad events qualified their boats this past weekend for the USRowing Youth National Championships in June, racing over 2000 meter distance. The Lightweight Double finished first with the fastest time of the light and heavyweight double events. The Varsity Heavy Quad finished second, a spirited Malvern Freshman Quad finished 2nd in the Under 17 event. The Varsity Heavy Double finished 5th in the final after winning a heat and semifinal Saturday night.

For complete race results click here