Monday, May 20, 2019

Malvern Rowing featured on MPTV

Stotesbury Cup Regatta 2019

Three of four Malvern crews advanced to semifinals, two continuing to the finals. Malvern’s Junior quad finished 4th. The Varsity Heavyweight Quad won the time trial, semifinals, finishing 5th in the Finals.

Four Malvern crews  qualified  at the City Championships for the Scholastic National Rowing Championships, leaving Thursday for Dillon Lake in Ohio. Malvern rowers will compete in the Junior Double, Varsity Lightweight Double, Varsity Lightweight Quad, and Varsity Heavyweight Quad events.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mid Atlantic Regionals, Mercer, NJ - 2019

Malvern rowers qualified two boats this weekend for the USRowing Youth National
Rowing Championships for Schools and Clubs in Sarasota, Florida in June. Malvern’s 
Varsity Heavyweight Quad and Varsity Lightweight Double finished 2nd in Saturday’s time trial against crews from Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey.  Final Races were cancelled on Sunday because of unsafe weather conditions. 

Varsity Heavyweight Quad : Matt Davis, Jason Kennedy, Quinn Hall, Andrew Morris

Varsity Lightweight Double : Collin Munyan, Dan Ward

Malvern rowers compete Friday and Saturday at the Stotesbury Regatta, largest Scholastic rowing regatta in North America.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

2019 Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Championships

Malvern rowers raced Saturday and Sunday at the Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Championships. 

Malvern rowers won the Varsity Lightweight Quad, last won by Malvern in 2016, and Junior Single Events. Malvern finished third in the Novice Double, finishing fourth in the Junior Double and Varsity Heavyweight Quad Events. 

Malvern rowers race this weekend at the USRowing Mid Atlantic Championships in Mercer NJ, qualifier USRowing Youth National Championships in Sarasota, Florida.

Monday, April 29, 2019

2019 Cooper Cup

Malvern rowers raced Sunday at the Cooper Cup Regatta in Camden NJ. Rowers won the Novice Double, Junior Single, and Junior Quad Events, finishing second in the Junior Double, finishing third in the Varsity Heavyweight Quad, fourth in the Varsity Lightweight Double.
Malvern races Saturday and Sunday at the Philadelphia City Championships, qualifier for the Scholastic National Championships in Ohio. Malvern Rowers are racing in the Varsity Lightweight Double, Varsity Lightweight Quad, Varsity Heavyweight Quad, Junior Double, Junior Single, Novice Single, and Novice Double Events.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

5th Manny Flick Results

The Manny Flick Series concluded with today’s races. Malvern finished second in the 2019 Horvat Trophy Team point standing out of 20 teams.  Malvern rowers won the Junior Single and Varsity Lightweight Doubles, finishing 2nd in Novice Double, Varsity Heavyweight Double, Varsity Lightweight Quad, finishing 3rd in the Junior Double event. The Varsity Heavyweight Quad finished 6th with a steering interference penalty.

Varsity Heavyweight Quad. 

Monday, April 08, 2019

4th Manny Flick Results

Malvern Rowers finished first in the Junior Single, Junior Double, and Varsity Lightweight Double Events. Malvern finished 2nd in the Novice Double, Varsity Heavyweight Double, and Varsity Lightweight Quad, finishing third in the Novice Single and Varsity Heavyweight Quad Events.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

3rd Manny Flick Regatta

Malvern Rowing had a promising good day in rain and windy conditions at Cooper River Park in Camden, winning the Junior Single, Junior Double, Varsity Lightweight Double, and Varsity Heavyweight Double Events. Malvern Rowers had misadventure in the Varsity Lightweight Quad and Varsity Heavyweight Quad Events, leading both events when the Heavyweights broke an oar, Lightweights caught a crab 5 strokes before the line leading the race after coming from behind.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Malvern Rowing Bingo / 15th Year

Malvern Rowing Alumni Bill Mongan 02, Princeton University, Brandon Hanna 08, St. Joseph's University, Sean Stewart 08, St. Joseph's University,  Coach Craig Hoffman, Matt Benedetto 08, St. Joseph's University, Chris Higgins 09, St. Joseph's University, Craig Wenger 04, University of Pennsylvania and Dave Matasic 10, US Naval Academy joined in the Festivities, not pictured Victor Maggitti 02, Villanova University, Drew Brady 18, Cornell University, Alex Stoczko 13, Trinity College.

The Second Manny Flick Scheduled for March 25 has been cancelled because of flood conditions.

1st Manny Flick 2019 Results

Malvern Rowers had a fair day, winning the Junior Quad, finishing 2nd in the Junior Double, third in the Varsity Lightweight Quad, and 4th in the Varsity Heavyweight Quad. 

Frank and Ronnie Venonsky, Parents of Julian Venonsky 11, current USA National Team coxswain stopped by the first Manny Flick to cheer Malvern on

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Check Out: Malvern Prep Rowing Team Honors Fallen Marine

"This skull is no longer just a skull is it? It's a legacy," said Father James Flynn.

On a brightly lit but windswept Saturday, Brandon Bury was, for a moment, very much alive; the center of attention for all the right reasons.

"We were, uh, up in Canada, and as we were returning, I got a call from my dad. He was really upset, and I figured something bad had happened," said Austin Bury.

That call came on June 6th last year, and something bad had happened. Sgt. Bury, on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, died. The 26 year old father of two was killed by an I.E.D.

"And I just broke down," said Austin. "It was a really sad day."

Austin Bury was Brandon's cousin. Geographically, they were not close. Brandon lived in Texas, but in every other way they were.

The loss hit Austin hard, derailing his season as a championship caliber rower at Malvern Prep.

It hit the team hard, too. Though they had never met him, they were inspired by Brandon's sacrifice. So they dedicated the season in his honor.

Saturday, they made certain he would be a part of their future seasons as well. Christening the Sgt. Brandon C. Bury, USMC, a varsity quad given to the team by an anonymous donor.

Brandon didn't row, but he was an avid swimmer and a fierce competitor, so this, his family says, is fitting.

Though Saturday was the official christening of the Sgt Brandon Bury, the boat has already been on the water twice, winning both times.

"More than anything, the boys really feel motivated when they get into that boat," says Rowing Coach Craig Hoffman.

The dedication gives the young athletes someone to fight for, and for Brandon Bury, the consummate the soldier, a different fight to join.

"This is just awesome," said Austin. "I can't wait to come back and watch them race, next year's varsity squad to see how they do. I'm sure they will be fast and the boat will lead down the river."

You can also watch more videos on this story on Malvern Prep's Youtube Channel
Read original story here

Sunday, December 16, 2018

USRowing Regional Challenge, Sarasota Florida

Malvern Rowers representing the Mid Atlantic finished second in a close 6 boat final, losing to the Southeast Region Quad by two seconds in the Under 17 Quad race. Malvern Rowers won the 1900 meter time trial early Saturday , winning silver later in the 2000 meter Final.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Save the date: MP Rowing Bingo 2019

The Annual MP Rowing Bingo will take place on Saturday, March 23rd at 7:00 PM in Stewart Hall. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Schuylkill Navy Turkey Trot 10K

Malvern Rowing had a great day winning the Hines Scholastic Team Trophy. Malvern and Haverford School kids won the SN Junior Club Team Trophy running for the Conshohocken Rowing Center. The temperature was 22 degrees at race time.

Complete results posted at

Our last of Past Winners, dating back to 1899, is updated at Scroll to the bottom for the links.

This year’s event winners are
WinnerRyan Archer, UndineElaine Tierney, Vesper
First GuestLukas FenleyAnna Cruse
First NoviceMark Couwenhaven, ConshohockenMargaret Newell, Hines
First MasterMike Naughton, UndineCass Cunningham, Vesper
First JuniorDaniel Ward, ConshohockenGiavanna Hunt Hines
Team PointsMen - top 5 runnersWomen - top 3 runners
Malvern Rowers are participating in a team work party on Saturday Morning at the CRC, digging out mud under the dock ramps.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Turkey Trot Preparation

Malvern Rowers getting ready for the annual Turkey Trot race on Thanksgiving.